PURE Collection
Janneke Brinkman-Salentijn

Uit het Hart

Artige has made a brand-new and very special greeting cards collection ‘Uit het Hart’ (which means: ‘From the heart’).

‘Uit het Hart’ is a greeting cards collection with encouraging messages for people who are ill or suffering because of difficult circumstances. This collection is meant for:

• people who are physically ill or suffering from mental diseases
• people who are ill and will probably recover;
or seriously ill people who might not recover at all
• encouraging people who are suffering due to the illness of a loved one|
• for people that are in difficult times
• there are some religious greeting cards in the collection,
because we believe that during hard times some people seek comfort in their religion
• other themes like good luck – surgery, good luck – treatment,
thinking of you, hug, cheer up!
• there are some cards with few words, while others contain a longer message.

We believe that ‘Uit het Hart’ is a collection of value for people who are going through a rough time. Sometimes you want to let people know that you are thinking of them, but it’s hard to find the right words. In this collection, you will find these specific words, for many different occasions.
In combination with the sweet, light and sometimes even cheerful designs, we trust that ‘Uit het hart’ will become a success.

Uit het Hart

• 48 designs available for custom made orders
• 7 designs available in English
• 140 x 140 mm
• Finishing: text spot UV
• Delivered with a craft envelope (146 x 146 mm)
• Packed in sixes